Quote: Make It Pop

June 1, 2015

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Quote: Know When To Give Up

May 18, 2015

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Quote: Change Someone’s Life

May 11, 2015

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Quote: Do Something You’ve Never Done

May 4, 2015

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Springtime Shoes

April 1, 2015

Springtime shoes on winkthinks.com

I think it’s time we celebrate with open toed shoes.

I’d be kidding us all if I said I’ll start adding more color to my wardrobe, simply because the sun is shining and temps are rising. One thing I can promise you however, now that it’s stopped snowing and the slush puddles have gone away, is that I’ll switch up my shoes.

I’m a big fan of boots and booties, but enough is enough. Bring on the skimpy flats and strappy shoes. It’s spring time. Here’s a round up of some affordable, and some not so affordable shoes to help you ring in the spring season.

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Dressing Adult

April 1, 2015

Awesome "adult" looks on winkthinks.com

I think perhaps dressing like an adult, is half the battle.


Sometime shortly after the new year, I had an epiphany. I’m almost 30. Well, that’s a lie. I’m a year and some months away from actually turning 30, but it’s still close enough. I’m closer to 30 than any other major milestone year. And while I cannot wait to turn 30 (it feels like such a lovely, sophisticated, got your shit together but still young enough to be carefree and adventurous age, doesn’t it?) there’s one problem. I don’t feel 30. I don’t feel almost 30. I barely think I feel 25. I’m married, I have a great job. I own a house with a garage and two cars. I pay taxes and bills and buy groceries. But I still feel… hmph. Just not like an adult.

Maybe that’s a good thing. Call me young at heart? Good or bad, right or wrong, I desperate want to start treating myself as an adult. I want others to look at me and think I’ve got my shit together. I don’t want to be seen or compared to the 22 year olds just out of college.

So I started thinking… wondering… if dressing like an adult is half the battle. I live and work in incredibly casual environments, so I’m rarely required to dress up. I own more jeans then dresses, skirts and dress pants combined, and despite having a closet full of high heels, I generally almost always choose flats or boots.

So here goes. Here’s to one outfit at a time, finding small ways to start dressing my age. Little changes. Simple things. Reaching for a blazer when I’d usually not. Wearing heels to dinner on a Tuesday. Creating a look that’s still me. Casual, neutral (obviously), and comfortable. But just adding a bit more finish.

To click through for image sources, visit here.

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Painting a House

April 1, 2015

Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com

Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com

Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com

Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com

Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com


Exterior Paint Colors on winkthinks.com


I think everyone deserves a makeover, even your home.

My husband and I purchased our first home last spring. It’s an amazing house and I feel fortunate to come home to it each night, but you need to know. It was described to us by every real estate agent we met with as a “quite a steal” with “lots of potential.” While not truly a “fixer upper”, she definitely shows her age every now and again, and as the icicles melt and snow piles disappear, we’ve been reminded that the exterior could use some… freshening up.

Everything from the roof to the gutters to the brick walkway could probably use some love, but I have big dreams of starting with a good paint job. Problem is, picking a new color scheme for the exterior of your home is not as easy as I thought. Right now, I’m loving the looks of these light gray homes, with white trim and dark shutters. Looks crisp and clean, but I can’t tell what this color scheme would look like with our partial (red) brick facade.

How in the world do you select an exterior paint color(s) without fear of regret? Tips, tricks and online tools welcome. This is one paint job we don’t want to do over. Yea, I’ve been known to do that.

To click through for image sources, visit here.

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Hair Daze

March 19, 2015







Long blonde bob haircut on winkthinks.com





I think a good hair cut is as sweet for the soul as vacation.

I’ve mentioned before that I admittedly hop on the trend train, after a trend has been a trend for so long it’s officially no longer a trend. So, here I go. I’m desperate to change up my hair. I’ve spent years lusting after long, long hair. And now, just like I (regrettably) did one day in 2004, and (regrettably) did again in 2008, I’m about to chop it all off. Okay, well, I probably won’t chop it all off. I know myself better than that, and balls I do not have.

But you know, that whole lob trend. Well it may just be my time. Surely, the lob has been on hollywood’s hot list for long enough that it will no longer be a trend, and instead be a thing of the past, any day now. Just my time to jump.


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Life Calendars

March 18, 2015








I think plans are better shared, and things put in writing keep people accountable.

I’d be lying if I said the husband and I are “really busy” people. More often or not, our life moves at a comfortable clip. We work, we travel – him more than me – we go out, we meet friends, we have appointments, we make time to get outside, and time to simply sit back. Sure there are times, when I swear it’s still January… in March. And there are other times when it feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve had a moment to sit and talk with my husband. But really, we’re not that busy.

So it’s slightly sad and slightly funny and sure, it’s slightly annoying, when at least a few times a month we completely fail to communicate with each other about plans. It’s that – what do you mean you told so and so that we’d have them over for dinner tonight? Or – what do you mean you’re leaving Tuesday for New York, and won’t be home until next Monday? Yes, despite living together, and working together, something like that has actually happened before.

I think we’re relatively good communicators, and we’re both fairly organized – me more than him – and like I said, we’re not that busy. But we recently picked up a habit that I’m really digging. We started using a weekly calendar. A simple, small dry erase board. Where we write down who is traveling where. Who has class which night. When one of us will be going out to dinner with friends. And, for the nights we’re both home, what we’ll be eating for dinner.

It’s lovely. It makes me happy to sit down and plan out the week each Sunday. And it makes me feel half as with it as my older sister who keeps an entire month’s worth of her family’s time beautifully penned on her kitchen wall calendar.

I’m not there, yet, but it’s a start to staying on top of our time, and keeping up with each other.

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March 17, 2015









I think every brick should be painted white, and taxidermy is way cooler when it’s fake.

We’re lucky to have two fireplaces in our home, one decorated with a beautiful header and mantle, the other surrounded by more brick than I’ve ever seen. At 10′ wide and 16’+ high, the brick buildout is most certainly the central focus of the family room, and as you might expect, I am – quite counter to my husband’s vision – dying to paint it white.

Color aside, we’ve also yet to agree on what the proper decor for such a large, focal point should be. One single, oversized piece of art or a gallery wall of gorgeous, assorted items. Should we agree to the latter, I will without a doubt be tossing a few faux mounts up there. I’ve always been open to (faux) taxidermy, and the white (or gold) look is all too… me.

Watch out walls. If I’m vetoed on the family room fire place, these faux mounts will be finding their way into another room soon.

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