The Beginning: Entry Way Gallery Wall

November 3, 2011
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Long live amazing gallery walls in apartment or home entry ways! I fell in love with the idea of building my own personal gallery a long time ago. They are beautiful, personal, easy to update and of course, visually intriguing. So, I recently started pinning annoying amounts of gallery walls on Pinterest for inspiration. Then my favorite blogging family over at Young House Love made it all the more simple by sharing this how to make your own gallery wall tutorial. Too easy to say no. So, I got to work.

I intentionally started with the smallest wall in our entry way. Didn’t want to overwhelm my newbie-wannabe-but-totally-haphazard DIY skills. I used all white frames because I love the clean, crisp look, but changed it up a bit with the size, shape and width of mat. I included a cute I <3 Maine print to honor our roots, a map of the MBTA to honor, well, our current roots, and a few extras to keep a whimsical and nostalgia inducing vibe. Like a Quotable Card about finding inner peace, and a family favorite black and white portrait of my late Nana. A colorful floral water color and an amazing hand painted owl add just the the right colors: red and marigold.

Oh yea, and I also caved to the boyfriend’s one and only request for our new apartment. I granted permission for the… mounted deer antlers, to enter and live… permanently in the apartment.

I know it’s just the beginning, but I’m pretty darn pleased with the outcome. Next I plan to tackle the opposite wall, which is rather large and in charge and equally intimidating. I have a lot of ideas for prints, photos and art to hang, but I’m short on white frames. So for now I’ll keep looking for inspiration, and hopefully soon I’ll stumble upon a wicked sale on frames!

  • Ashley

    I love the antlers! So glad you put them up, they add such an important masculinity to the space. Joe has a pair of bull horns that were his grandfathers, his Mom wants to keep them at her home but we are hoping and praying we will gain custody soon! Daaa BULLS!

    • Whitney

      Yaa, thanks Ash! I actually really love them now that they are up! I still wish I was able to spray paint, or paint it all white, but… I’ll live with the au natural look!