Doing Paleo

April 25, 2012
Categories: Food & Drinks

It’s only been 3 weeks, but I like where this is going. We buy fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, eggs, meat (for him), and then more fruits and even more vegetables. We’re thinking if we don’t stock the house with shit, we won’t eat it.

No granola bars, no chips, no crackers, no bread. There’s no yogurt or milk in the refrigerator, or anything that comes in a package really.

For breakfast I eat eggs or fruit. For lunch I eat whole vegetables and whole fruit. I snack on nuts and fruit. I try not to get to particular about whether the food is “allowed” or not, because as it turns out the rules are kind of confusing. Like why can’t I eat beans? Or corn? It’s easier to just look at a piece of food and ask – is this a good, whole piece of food item or has it been wildly processed?

I feel kind of like a little animal. Well, a non-meat eating animal I suppose.


  • Caitlin

    I followed to Paleo Diet to a tee for a month and really liked all the energy and cleanliness I felt. I have slipped away from it from time to time but generally my boyfriend and I eat fresh caveman like food. No processed or pre-packaged foods, always cooking from scratch. I also have switched out flour for coconut flour and am in loooooooove with coconut milk! Still eat cheese… it’s too delicious!

  • Whitney

    Aaah, this is great! I want to learn more from others who have tried / continue to eat Paleo! I haven’t swapped flours yet, but to be honest I haven’t baked anything since the switch. We did buy Almond milk for the first time last week though, and it works for me.