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August 13, 2014







Remember when Sean and Catherine got married, and she kept referring to her dream wedding as ‘adult sexy’? Of course you do, you Bachelorette obsessed freaks like me. Well, I don’t know what adult sexy looks like, and I certainly don’t want it anywhere near my wedding, but I have spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to nail down the prefect phrase to sum up our wedding vision.

I come up short every time. I can’t describe my vision in 3 words, despite the fact I’ve been asked to do this by every single vendor we’ve worked with over the last 6 months. I have not yet coined the perfect (albeit awkward) term like Catherine. And with less than 3 months to go and almost every decor decision well underway, I guess I probably never will.

We’re holding our wedding reception at a renovated, yet rustic barn in Maine. It will, by nature, feel rustic. It’s a random barn in Maine, after all. But I want people to see and feel the contradiction that I see in my dreams. I hope it feels like a New York City dinner party fell into the middle of this random barn in Maine. There will be no DIY. Nothing that screams Etsy. There will be no farm tables or crafty bunting or lemonade drinks in bell jars next to a chalkboard menu. There will a barn, yes. And then there will be white, and gold. Simple, classic and (hopefully) elegant decor decisions, dropped into the middle of a barn.

Can I describe my wedding vision in 3 word? Heck no. All I can do is hope that it’s as beautiful and filled with love as the scene in my head. And something else – I hope every guest walks into the barn, pauses, maybe chuckles and thinks: this is so Whitney.

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August 7, 2014






There’s no worse time in one’s life to feel completely, utterly uninspired than shortly after buying a new home. Oh, unless you’re simultaneously trying to plan a wedding. But you gotta start someplace. Right?

Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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Wedding in Austin

September 19, 2013




Last week I headed south to Texas for my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding. He and his (now) wife have been our closest friends in the city, so I was thrilled and giddy and just so excited to join in their celebrations. Despite the extreme heat in Austin (hello 98 degrees at 6PM), their outdoor garden wedding was simply stunning.

They hosted a BBQ dinner at the Salt Lick, a rehearsal dinner at Moonshine, and we spent the night before the wedding bar hopping on Rainey Street. The wedding ceremony and reception were held just outside the city at the Hummingbird House, and most of the guests stayed right downtown at the Omni, which made enjoying meals and exploring the city easy peasy.

This was my second time in Austin, and I swear it was even cuter and more hip than I remember. The river and sprawling parks, the patios, the food trucks, the bars on Rainey St. My, everywhere you look is just so sweet.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

June 9, 2013

TurtleWedding1 TurtleWedding2 TurtleWedding3

I’ve attended a lot of weddings recently. Best friends and family members, all getting hitched! We had the wedding in Texas, and the wedding in Mexico. There was the rainy wedding on the Cape. And then there was Memorial Day: my best friend’s wedding.

Turtle and I have been best friends since Kindergarten. We’re close to 30 now, so I’ll let you do the math. It’s been a damn long time! Our families have grown close over the years, and us even closer, so I was beyond honored to serve as her bridesmaid. To walk down the aisle in front of her. Surrounded by her amazing family, our closest friends, and her adoring (now) husband.

Weddings tend to bring out a range of emotions in me: sometimes I’m teary and sappy, sometimes I’m jealous, and sometimes I’m straight up annoyed (I know, I’m a bad person). But this one filled me with the purest of feelings. Pure joy, pure happiness, pure excitement for my best friend as she starts a new chapter of her life with one of the greatest guys.

After 20+ years of friendship, it’s safe to say her wedding day was long awaited. But to see her smile that day. To see her tears of joy and her husband’s hilarious dance moves. Well it was all worth the wait.

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A Week Away In Mexico

April 22, 2013

I took the train to New York City after work on Friday. The boyfriend and I flew out early Saturday morning. First stop: Cozumel, Mexico.


We spent 5 days in paradise, joined for a few days by the boyfriend’s best friend and his wife. The four of us scuba dived (yes, you heard me correctly), the two men golfed. We ate decent food, explored San Miguel and relaxed on the beach with plenty of pina coladas to go around. We also celebrated a certain someone’s 30th birthday (not mine). Golf, scuba diving, and tequila. I’m pretty sure he once said that would be his dream birthday. Well love, I guess dreams can come true (with a price tag, of course).







For much of the trip, I felt like we were the only couples on vacation here. Quiet, isolated, alone. We explored the windward side of the island, free from hotels, resorts and tourist traps. We watched the waves crash, alone on an empty beach. I spent an early morning by the pool, not another chair occupied. We watched the sun set over the bay, swaying in a hammock, beer in hand.

Cozumel was our perfect little getaway, and I think I could have stayed there forever.

On Thursday we flew to the mainland to join 40 of my friends from home for a destination wedding (not mine). Here there was a bigger crowd. The area was more commercial, the resort louder. More music (and booze), but also more friends. It was another wonderful portion to our vacation. Men golfed, ladies gossiped.

I finished two books, actually got a tan, and surprisingly avoided Montezuma’s revenge… with plenty of time in between for fun, drinks and dancing. Time for sun, massages and falling even more in love.








It’s funny how little I realized I needed a vacation, until I was thousands of miles away, far from the office, no laptop in sight. This vacation did wonders for me. Physically and emotionally. It cleared my head, filled my heart and made me a stronger person.

It cleared my head. During this trip I disconnected. I mean, we really, really disconnected. I gave myself permission to pause. Something I owed myself, but couldn’t before find the discipline to allow it.

It filled my heart. I shared love. In a multitude of ways. I fell more in love with my own relationship. With him, and us. I saw my best friend marry her soul mate. And I witnessed love in the most heart wrenching of ways – through the terror, the sadness, and the heroic stories that came out of my hometown, Boston.

It made me a stronger person. Seemingly insignificant given the tragic events that took place while we were away, I will forever be proud of what I accomplished this trip. The boyfriend challenged me to try something new, something that took months of preparation. Of planning, studying, practicing. Of coursework and classroom time and pool sessions. He encouraged me to become certified in scuba diving. Something that made me face all of my life’s biggest fears at once. The ocean, the openness, the darkness, the creatures, the risk. Literally all of my biggest fears are somehow involved in the idea of scuba diving. But I did it… I am so proud of myself, and so thankful to him for pushing me to try something new, to challenge myself, and face a fear (or two, or five).

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Weekend Recap: Say Yes To The Dress

March 11, 2012

This weekend I traveled to New York City with three of my best friends to join the soon to be bride at her first wedding dress appointment. Although we spent both nights at her condo in Connecticut, we certainly got our fill of New York during our day trip into the city on Saturday.

After a girl’s night in on Friday – complete with take out and wine, nail polish and tabloids, and a chick flick and cuddles on the couch – we woke up early on Saturday and drove straight to the train station in Fairfield. Once in the city we were all business. We made endless coffee shop stops, popped into a number of stores for some shopping, and most importantly we ushered the soon to be bride to her very first dress appointment.

I may be biased but my dearest best friend looked drop, dead, gorgeous. In every, single, dress. Her consultant Jill (who was also her college roommate) did an amazing job pulling dresses that fit the soon to be bride’s shape, and shared such a wide variety of styles so that she could really get a sense of all the possibilities.

Simply put, the experience at Kleinfeld Bridal was ah-mazing. I’ve been in a number of bridal stores (during my sister’s wedding dress search), but Kleinfeld Bridal is like no other. The dresses were absolutely jaw dropping (obviously), the atmosphere was stunning, and the consultants were, well… just like they are on the show! No Randy sighting, but between all of the other consultants and the lingering camera crew, we felt like we had our fair share of ‘celebrity’ sightings.

Following the dress appointment we met up with a few more girlfriends for a delicious brunch at Markt Restaurant on 6th Ave. Finding a wedding dress at Kleinfeld Bridal definitely deserves a celebration with your friends. Or at least we thought so. Mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys, yes please.

When we were beyond full and buzzed from brunch, we jumped on the train and went back to Connecticut for another night of chick flicks and vino and Thai takeout before all parting ways this morning. What a weekend we had. Road trips and girlfriends and a day in the city might just be my new favorite remedy for a stressed out head and heart.

Enough from me, what’d you all do this weekend? Send me a link to your weekend recap!


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Wedding Dress Shopping in NYC

March 10, 2012

This morning I’m heading into New York City with three of my best girlfriends to do a little wedding dress shopping at Kleinfeld! No, not for me. For my long time best friend who was proposed to this summer. I’m so honored to be a part of her wedding, and dress shopping at Kleinfeld is one heck of a way to kick off our wedding party responsibilities.

I haven’t been to New York since July when I visited Ashley in Brooklyn, and boy, am I excited to be back. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned!

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Destination Wedding In The Riviera Maya

September 13, 2011

Late last week I posted a few of my favorite pictures from my recent trip to Mexico.  We spent 4 nights and 5 days at an all inclusive Iberostar resort on the beach outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  On Saturday of our vacation, we attended a close friend’s wedding.  It was small, and quaint and just classic Mexico.

Overall, the vacation was a hit.  The foot was mediocre at best, and the weather was too hot and too humid, but a tropical vacation was exactly what the doctor ordered for us.  Much needed vacation.


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Sneak Peek of Mexico

September 9, 2011

Moving out of an apartment, living from a suitcase, traveling to Mexico, returning to work after being gone for 7 days all while trying to move into a new apartment and adjust to living with your boyfriend is apparently quite exhausting.  And rather tolling on your body.  The boyfriend is sick. I’m stressed.  And as a result my to-do list at work is too long, our new apartment is still empty and I haven’t even posted pictures from our gorgeous trip to Playa del Carmen.

What?  Yea.

So while I’m not about to share a minute by minute recap of our trip, I will share with you a few of my favorite photos.

Mexico 1

White sand and hibachi dinner on our last night

Mexico 2

Before dinner and the bold resort colors

Mexico 3

Dinner outfit and jungle greenery

Mexico 4

Blue water and our wedding ceremony attire

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24 Hours to Paradise

August 31, 2011

In 24 hours, I will be on a plane, on my way to this gorgeous, beautiful, white beach, turquoise water paradise.  Thursday morning the boyf and I will board a plane, destination: Playa del Carmen Mexico!  We’re heading down to the tropical paradise for 4 days to attend the wedding of two of our favorite friends.  I cannot wait to escape the busy city, the stresses of work, the anxiety of moving.  I cannot wait to sit by the beach, lounge by the pool, sip cocktails all day and most of all, I cannot wait to witness the love and promise of forever between our two friends.

Look forward to sharing pictures of our vacation!  xoxo

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